CG toad as traditional sculpture

This is a highly realistic digital sculpture of a toad, equipped with added armature and stand. I am giving you the hires obj, together with the keyshot scene setup and all the materials used. Although the toad model is represented as a clay sculpture, it can easily be modified as an actual toad with minimal work from an artist.

Great resource as both a digital asset and educational material and reference.

You will get:

* Keyshot 6 scene file with all materials used

* The scene's zbrush 4R7 ZTL file

* All Scene Elements(toad,armature,stand,floorboard OBJ files) and HDR used

* All Scene Elements texture files

* My hires tutorial files describing how this was made step by step from start to finish, including my post and render compositing techniques used to help the materials look even better

* Short video tutorial on how the armature was made

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